Thursday, 12 May 2011

R/C Helicopters

The mini- r/c helicopter has been around for about five years now. You know the type- around 15cm long, made of plastic or polystyrene and typically around £15-£25 ($40)
It's a great little gizmo that won't break your bank, and it makes an ideal Christmas/birthday present. 
Now there's so many different variations of the thing that I couldn't possibly review each one (sorry) but the experience is largely the same. 
You get a little helicopter and a remote control, which comes with a little charging port to connect to the helicopter. 
Once you've found enough batteries, (8xAA) you charge the thing and get playing. A 25 minute charge should give you 10 solid minutes of usage.
At first the controls may seem pretty confusing to use, but you'll get the hang of it soon enough. The left lever makes it go up and down and the right one controls the direction. 
Remote controlled helicopters don't go straight, left and right. Rather you navigate the thing by going in circles (literally!) and half circles in the other direction. 
Overall it's a good toy to play with. Unless your younger than 12, you'll get bored of it after a couple of days. It's mainly just a gimmicky toy you have to entertain friends for awhile.  
The Pros: 
It's fairly cheap and affordable- can be found at any department or toy store
A fun toy to play with- you'll find yourself as a pilate in your own living room
Very durable- I've bumped and dropped mine alot and it's still going strong

The Cons: 
Usually made of plastic or polystyrene- too many knocks could break pieces off
Keep spare batteries handy- it goes through loads, especially because you charge the helicopter with them

Sorry- best picture i could take whilst trying to fly it lol

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