Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Jobseekers' Vociferate

This whole job hunting malarkey is fun, right? The buzz of filling out an application, those butterflies that you get when submitting your CV... wrong. Once the aforementioned drab and any additional hoops have been leapt through to be considered for a position, the waiting game begins.

No, not the that waiting game. As a weather battered job hunter, I no longer wait to hear whether I have an interview or a position, for it is now a case of waiting to hear back at all. Even the courtesy- nay, the luxury- of a rejection letter or call would be nice.

To know that, for all the effort you went through, some fellow (who has a job) went to the trouble of reading through your unworthy credentials and informing you that, despite not being the applicant they’re seeking, thank you for considering them anyway and they hope you find something soon. 

But alas, even this closure is a rarity. And thus, one is left wondering whether the application has been read, or become lost amongst a pile of dejected CVs on some power wielding manager’s desk. 

Jobseeking is a character destroying, integrity eating process, with the added irony that the longer you seek, the less employable you become, partially due to that ever suspicious gap in your emplyment history (The gap exists because none of you will hire me, employers!).  

The hunt, as always, continues.

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